I recently wrote here about my attempts to use a streamlined Operating System on one of my PC’s, Chromium OS experiments. Well things didn’t go as well as they could. The OS download and the install to a USB pendrive went perfectly. It was after that when things got a bit annoying.

The PC I wanted to try the Chromium OS on was one I built using a Mini ITX board inside a Nintendo Entertainment System a few years ago. The PC works fine but at 800mhz and a low power board with only 256 Mb of memory it needs all the help it can get. The problem was that it wouldn’t recognise the USB pendrive as a hard drive from the BIOS so I’m guessing it’s too old for that. The second PC I tried was a laptop but I couldn’t get to the BIOS to change the boot drive, and as it’s my daughters they might moan a little if it didn’t work again after my experiments.

I had another option on a very old laptop, but the charger has gone missing so after a fruitless search for that I gave up on this Chromium OS experiment for now.

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