In the early 1980s, arcades were the place to be for gamers. There were hundreds of games to choose from, but one game in particular stood out: Mega Zone. Developed by Konami in 1983, Mega Zone was a vertically scrolling shooter that challenged players to navigate through wave after wave of enemy ships, tanks, and other obstacles. It quickly became one of the popular arcade games of its time, and in 1984, Konami sponsored a high score challenge for Mega Zone that drew players from all over the world.

The high score challenge was simple: play Mega Zone as many times as you could and try to get the highest score possible. Now we recreate that challenge with the Retro Games Forever 80s Arcade challenge. We won’t get anywhere near the scores of the Konami original High score challenge, but some of those in the RGF Facebook group will score some amazing numbers.

Today, Mega Zone is still remembered as one of the classic arcade games of the 1980s, and its high score challenge remains a legendary event in gaming history. While the world of gaming has evolved and changed dramatically since then, the spirit of competition and camaraderie that defined the Mega Zone high score challenge lives on, inspiring new generations of gamers to test their skills and push themselves to the limit.

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