Flow Flow is the latest in the line of Hexxehs hugely popular ChromiumOS builds. Flow is the most exciting version yet, bringing even more hardware support, an auto-updater, webcam support and an improved application menu & directory. All this, requires only a 2GB USB drive download size is 327MB

via Chromium OS builds by Hexxeh.

Having used the Google Chrome browser for a while I have found it to be very quick and also stable. The Chromium OS is a complete operating system (think Windows or Linux) but without the fluff. As most of us fire up hefty PC’s and then spend most of our time on Facebook etc. why not cut the bloat.

As Chromium isn’t available ready to use, you have to use a third party build, but at least it should work straight off of a USB drive. So today I am going to experiment with Chromium OS and I’ll post here how that goes 😉

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