Arcades were once the go-to place for gamers, with rows upon rows of cabinets beckoning players with their flashy graphics and sound effects. And while the heyday of arcades may be long gone, their legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of gamers worldwide.

One such legacy is the Heavy Smash arcade game by Data East. Released in 1993, Heavy Smash is a unique combination of Football and fighting, where players control characters with oversized body armour, no fear of pain (inflicting it or recieving it) and battle opponents on a court filled with obstacles. With its quirky characters, catchy music, and fast-paced gameplay, Heavy Smash was a hit among arcade-goers of the 90s.

But does the game still hold up today? That’s the question the Retro Tech 100 YouTube channel sought to answer in their recent 20p challenge, “Retro Tech 100 Arcade 20p Challenge Heavy Smash by Data East 2 Credits Play.”

In the video, Doug takes on the challenge of playing Heavy Smash with only 2 credits and attempting to beat the high scores set by other members of the Retrotech100 Facebook group. Along the way, they explore the game’s mechanics, graphics, and sound effects, while reminiscing about the golden age of arcades.

As we play through the game, I was impressed by the quality of Heavy Smash’s graphics and sound, particularly for a game released in the early 90s. I also appreciate the unique blend of football and violence mechanics, which keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting.

However, I did find the game to be quite challenging, with some of the later levels proving particularly difficult. I did persevere and manage to score some (I thought, anyway) impressive points.

Overall, I give Heavy Smash a thumbs up, concluding that it’s a fun and unique game that’s worth revisiting for any arcade aficionado.

In conclusion, the Heavy Smash arcade game by Data East is a classic example of the kind of quirky and innovative games that once filled arcades across the globe. While the era of arcades may be over, the legacy of games like Heavy Smash lives on, inspiring new generations of gamers and reminding us of the magic and excitement of arcade gaming.

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