Each week at the RetroTech100 Facebook group we have an arcade 20p challenge thread, a game is picked and people can try their luck with a 2 credit (or 20p) run at it. Record the run and post it in the thread. By taking part you get to pick a game to go into a random draw for next week.
This week the bullet hell shooter Gunbird, by PSiKYO, was chosen by somebody so that is what we are playing.

Gunbird is one of those Japanese shooters which throw millions of bullets, bombs, enemies and explosions at you, while you try to fire back and take the enemy ships down. It has some great visuals, hectic gameplay and frustrating difficulty. I knew this week wasn’t going to be my week to shine.

After 2 practise credits I went for it, put in another 2 credits, started recording a video (no voiceover as it’s noisy in my house this week) and pressed start. After a few seconds the bullets started raining down, little room to manoeuvre, small gaps in the barrage of bullets to get your ship between and fire, fire, fire. It wasn’t long before my first inglorious death by slipping sideways into a bullet.

Gunbird by PSiKYO is a tough game, very unforgiving, but looks great. See my video below, and why not give it a go yourself, link is in the video description.

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