Another of my many hobbies is playing with websites. A few years back I learnt enough HTML (the coding behind a website) to be a nuisance to the net at large and unleash my monstrosities on an unsuspecting public, or at least the seven or so people who have ever found them. As time went on my thirst for knowledge led me to learn PHP (it makes websites do some other stuff and change stuff) and a couple of other things too.

The above mentioned learning curves turned me onto blogging before it became mainstream, and this blog is one of the little sidelines which keep me amused and give me an outlet for the crap I spout. Another blog I keep is found at And now I am experimenting with a new site which allows anyone to search for music to download. I’m hoping it may make me a little income too as there are ads and links to buy the music from.

The site at  links to Amazon and allows you to listen to song clips before you click the link to buy if you want to.  It also has posters and other links so you can look at your favourite artists in the privacy of your own room. Hopefully someone reading this will let me know how it works for them, and tell others too. If not it’s just an experiment and I’ll try again with something else.

Why not be among the first to try out my new music search engine right now?


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