What a day to be a supporter of Jenson Button and to live in Milton Keynes. The World championship win by Vettel and Red Bull was pretty much a foregone conclusion at this stage of the Formula 1 Season it was just a matter of Vettel scoring a single point to finish it off at Suzuka today which he did. But Jenson was in there to spoil the day a little by taking first at the end of the race. And that was a great start to my Sunday.

As a Milton Keynes resident watching Red Bull do so well throughout the year with Vettel steering the Milton Keynes based teams efforts in the car to victory after victory was fantastic. As a fan of Jenson Button I have enjoyed it just as much to see him trying his best to spoil Vettels efforts and watching him take first today was just brilliant and in the McClaren which was built close to where I was originally born too. The top 2 teams in the Formula 1 Grand Prix’s this year both come out of the UK which shows that whatever you may say we can still produce winning products.

Well done to all the guys and gals in Red Bulls Formula 1 headquarters in Milton Keynes you do our City proud all around the world with the work you do right here.

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