After finally getting the Atari XEGS working a few weeks back I have been busy doing stuff around the home to keep she who must be obeyed happy. This has left little time and even less money for retrogaming of any description. Just recently though the wife took her eye off the ball (and the bank account ☺) leaving me a chance to get onto Ebay and order a game to test the cartridge port of the fixed Atari.

The cheapest cartridge I found which mentioned the XE Games System was the Galaxians cart, boxed with instructions, bargain. Ordered and duly arrived awaiting for me to find time to clear space around the chair and desk, and plug in the XEGS. Well today that wait was over and once space was made, the Atari found and plugged in, it was ready to try.

I had already been told by retrogaming and Atari guru Kieren Hawken not to expect too much as it was a poor port of the great Galaxians game, so I wasn’t  disappointed once it was switched on and I played my first ever game of it on the XEGS. I have to agree it isn’t  the greatest port of Galaxians, there are much better ones on many systems, but it also isn’t the worst game ever. The colours are off, the sounds are not right but it is playable. I did notice that collision detection was also lacking, at times it’s  possible to move right through a Galaxian at the bottom of the screen without harm to either of you.

As it was more a test of the XEGS than a game to play a lot, I am very happy with it all working, and a boxed game with instructions is always a bonus for under a tenner right?

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