I recently bought another ZX Spectrum +2 from EBay as a non working item. The description said none of the keys worked so it seemed it would be an easy fix. So I waited for it to arrive, then did something I never did before and made an unboxing video and uploaded it to Youtube, the results of which you can laugh at below.

After ripping off my big toenail making the video (I caught it under the carpet door bar), I taped the nail down and checked the new Speccy out. A quick clean of the keyboard and membrane and reseat in place, and all works just fine.

Here is the unblocking video, comments welcome on how carp it is, and if you can see the point at which I get injured.

One thought on “Another ZX Spectrum Added”

  1. Meanwhile hardware hackers around the world have expanded the ZX Spectrum to support SD card storage, feature new and better video modes, pack more memory, faster processor. Problem is, these expansions can be difficult to get hold of, and without a standardised Spectrum, no one knows what to support or develop for.

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