Tribble Trubble on the ZX Spectrum

Another week, another Retro Games Forever Zx Spectrum Challenge, This week it’s Tribble Trubble. You will be able to tell from the video below that I managed to score zero in this strange little game.

Tribble Trubble, quite a smart looking little game, with some pretty good music on the title screen, and nice, if somewhat simple background scene and a funny looking main character. It sounds like it should be great, except the simple fact I didn’t have a clue what to do in the game. Occasionally a little thing would appear at the bottom of the ship as if it was giving birth. That little thing would walk around getting eaten by fuzzy looking creatures, or walk into the (I am guessing) river and drown.

After a few attempts I stumbled into the realisation that the little things had to be guided back into the top of the ship, and some more playing around made some green things appear which could be pushed around and into the river and seemed to stay there, earning me my one and only score of ten points. I eventually gave up.

There are a few videos on Youtube which show that I was getting onto the right tracks, those green things get pushed in the river? to make a footpath across to escape to the next level. I had given up long before then though. See my own video if you have time to waste, and throw in some mocking comments, I deserve them.

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