Project X

Once again we try our hand at a High Score Challenge set by the guys at the FaceBook Group Retro Games Forever, with this weeks Amiga Challenge being the Side Scrolling Shooter, Project X. This game has a rock hard difficulty for the sub par gamer such as myself, but it is also a lot of fun, and fair in the way you die (often in my experience).

The game itself has varied levels, which start with the usual space shooter fare of alien ships trying to kill you, and often succeeding. Another commonality with other space shooters is that the wave patterns are the same on each playthrough, so can be learnt to make it further through the game. So level one, dispatch the alien ships and survive to the end, collecting power ups along the way, standard stuff. Then wave 2 places you in a meteor storm, and you have to dodge or shoot the rocks coming across the screen at you. Of course that isn’t as easy it sounds, as they take a barrage of shots to destroy each rocky lump, so avoidance is the order of the day here.

Wave 3 of Project X ramps up the speed and sees the fast moving aliens rushing at you from the right of the screen, although some are in more of a hurry than others, avoidance, shooting, and shouting swear words was the tactics I employed. And so it goes on, more waves of aliens until you meet the boss, a kind of big ball shooting bullets as it circles you, fairly easy to dodge but seemingly hard to kill. I never managed it in my attempt anyway.

So in a nutshell then Project X is a great fun, hard as rocks, good looking scrolling space shooter which you should really play sometime if you haven’t already. Oh and look out for the slow moving bullets the aliens leave hanging around which I always seem to dodge into and die. Take a look at the video below for more of an idea of how it looks and plays.

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