A few weeks ago I bought an original Xbox with CoinOps installed to see what all the fuss is about. I can confirm CoinOps is a great way to enjoy a variety of old games on old systems all in one place, and with the great deals out there on old Xboxes it’s not going to break the bank.

This particular Xbox was a little used looking and had a few battle scars on the top, and the controller had green joysticks (oh dear!) and once tested I had put it aside while real life called me away. Today I was sitting around and getting bored when I remembered the Xbox, and also remembered that many years ago I had bought a set of stickers for my original Xbox.

So that was todays mission, apply the green decals to the Xbox. The years old set also came with a green decal for the controller which sort of goes with the sticks (ok not really but I could dream right). So here it is, the original Xbox with the rough bits covered up and some old stickers used finally. All in all I am quite pleased with it.

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