I recently had another look at the Atari XEGS which has thwarted all attempts to repair it, I found that the  main processor chip was overheating and when checked with a digital tester no changes occurred on the data lines. After a fruitless search for the custom chip, one turned up for sale on a Facebook page for a very good price. I have got in the habit of socketing chips so after removing the processor a socket was soldered in place.

With the new processor in the socket I powered up the XEGS and this happened

So one more piece of retrogaming hardware lives once more. But that isn’t the only good news,  as I also won a ZX Spectrum + and cassette deck. The Spectrum didn’t display on RF but a quick and dirty composite mod revealed all worked except some keys, so a new membrane to be fitted soon. The selker forgot to send the cassette deck, but it followed on later and seems to work too.

So all in all some retrogaming Christmas cheer for us here ☺

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