I have owned a Sega Saturn for very many years, but have to say it is one of my least favourite consoles, and I have only found Daytona USA, Sega Rally and TT Racing actually caught my attention. Even so, when I was offered a good deal on a Virtua gun and Virtua Cop game for the Saturn I had to give it a go.

When the package arrived I pulled down the console and leads and plugged it in, plugged in the Virtua gun and put in the Virtua Cop game disc. I quickly went through the menus and started playing on the easy level. I sucked at it but it was fun.

After a few attempts I was learning the patterns and also remembering to reload after 6 shots, most of my deaths being due to having no ammo and getting shot while reloading after trying to shoot the baddy with an empty gun.

I also tried the practice mode which puts you in a shooting range with human shaped targets to shoot at as they appear. This was also fun, shooting things generally is, and with a gun shaped object it is even better.

I have found another reason to play the Saturn again.

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