Magic Sword Arcade game challenge

Get ready for a blast from the past with the “Retro Tech 100 Arcade 20p Challenge Magic Sword”! Join us as we take on this classic arcade game and see if we have what it takes to beat the high score. In this video, we’ll be playing Magic Sword, a side-scrolling action game that was first released in 1990. With its iconic graphics and challenging gameplay, it’s no wonder that Magic Sword remains a favorite among retro gaming fans. So grab your 20p and join us for a nostalgic adventure as we attempt to conquer the 100th floor and defeat the evil wizard. Can we do it? Find out in this exciting video!

As we attempt the Retro Tech 100 Arcade 20p Challenge on Magic Sword we will be encountering dragons, monsters, skeletons and much more, all we have on our quest is 20p (2 credits) a sword, and whatever help and items we can find along the path.

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