Are you a fan of Altered Beast? Then you need to check out our Altered Beast Home Ports Comparison! We compare the home ports of Altered Beast on the Sega Master System, Megadrive, C64 and ZX Spectrum so you can get the ultimate gaming experience. Get ready for an epic adventure with Altered Beast.

In our Youtube video we took a look at 4 of the ports of the classic Sega arcade game Altered Beast to see which one was worth the time to play. Obviously the Megadrive had an advantage with its 16 bit power and is definitely closest to the arcade version of the game. Second of the four was the Master System version but it had a very slow gameplay and pretty poor graphics compared to other MS games.

Moving on to the computer versions and it all gets a little bit rubbish. I won’t give too much away or there will be no need for you to watch the video. So please take a look, and comment here or on the Youtube video as to which of the ports of Altered Beast you would play again, or which you played back in the day.

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