A new challenge came my way courtesy of a couple of online friends, namely David Birdsall and Chris Retro 48k Diamond, they both follow a YouTuber called Rob Gurdalinho and his challenges to himself. The latest one involved Rob playing Porsche Challenge for the first time in 10 years, and David Plays Games Badly and Chris following suit to see how they compared. Personaly I have never played the game so I was going in pretty blind but here we are anyway.

This driving “simulation” is being played on the Sony Playstation (PSX) so to save a little time by not setting up my Playstation, I emulated using EPSXE on my PC. Loaded up the game and recorded my video response to Rob. Suffice to say this was not a good run, I found the physics of the game very odd, for a sim anyway, but maybe that is the way a real rear engined Porsche would handle? I would say, however that this was more of an arcade racer than a simulation, and that should have been left to Gran Tourismo on the PS.

The sounds are OK, I won’t comment on the graphics as EPSXE allows you to improve them and I have some fairly nice settings which work well for my PC so I tend not to change them, so anything I say will be changed if it’s on original hardware. That said, it looks OK in the resolution I had set, but that gameplay wasn’t nice, although I think with practice it would become easier to play, and I have been spoilt by the Forza Motorsport series on Xbox 360 onwards so I am maybe being a little unfair on a 20 odd year old game now.

Anyway you can judge me harshly on the video below, let me know if you ever played the game and your thoughts, on the comments for the video or right here.

One thought on “Playstation Porsche Challenge – First Play Challenge”

  1. Regarding the Porsche challenge , in my opinion was a monarch butterfly of a programme due to the massive selling features of the developers of the project drumming this shit into young minds so we all grew up with this shit car on the brain !! but it backfired as the car was shit just like the game .
    Non correct handling shit response of the car which to be fair was quite accurate but the designers really thought this would change a mindset , and young teens at the time could actually feel this marketing BS , none the less tho it was an average smile game which felt very unfinished but hey .. part of growing up

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