So we are back for another 20p arcade challenge from the RetroTech100 Facebook group, and once again it is a shmup, this time it’s a Capcom shooter set in 1944 and called appropriately enough 1944: the Loop Master. In this classic vertical scrolling shootemup we are playing as a fighter pilot to save the world or something like that, and as usual those fiends at RetroTech100 have allowed us only 20p (2 credits) to get as far as we can in the game.

So what can we say about this game?
I will start by saying these games in the 194x series (1941,1942 etcetera) are great fun but as with all arcade titles they are made to be tough and take your money. I can never resist putting money into these machines though, even knowing I am going to die ever so quickly, because I just enjoy the gameplay and the frantic action they always supply. 1944: The Loop Master is no exception, the graphics are maybe a little better than the earlier games, but you lose none of the character and challenge by gaining better looking graphics.

Sound is great with satisfying explosions and a stirring soundtrack in the background. All the usual extras are here too, add-ons to increase firepower, extra wing men to collect and secondary fire which decimates everything on screen with devastating effect on your enemies. But use those big guns sparingly as they are very useful to defeat the bigger bosses at the end of each level, which come armed to the teeth and some.

All in all then a fun, good looking game to play, and even better when you play freely on MAME or RetroArch and get to see more of the levels. 1944: The Loop Master is definitely one to play for as long as your trigger finger will hold out.

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