Fantastic Dizzy on Master System

Dizzy is apparently legendary. For me though this is our first introduction so I have no rose tinted specs or axes to grind (or even soldiers to dip) where Dizzy is concerened, so I’m going in with an open mind. The first thing which grabs me is the colourful landscape, it’s only an old wooden shack which Dizzy calls home but it looks good, cozy and Bijou. So the quest begins. It’s a platformer with puzzle elements, starting with obtaining the key to get out of the titular eggs residence. Jump on his sideboard, up to the roof beams and get the key. Collect the stars and open the door out into Dizzys world proper.

It’s a bright colourful world full of trees, and grass and spiders. Anything but spiders please, it was cute until then, but spiders I hate and they take away energy just like in real life (I think, I don’t go near enough to big spiders to find out thank you). Dizzy can regain life energy by eating fruit though, so it’s not all bad. Along the way, while you are jumping, collecting, puzzle solving and having fun you find Dizzy has many enemies as well as spiders, including strange plants, acid rain drops in caverns and charging rhinos.

The graphics are big, cute and colourful really standing out on the Master System as a well presented game. The sound is cute but not irritating like some. Difficulty levels are set just about right to ease you in and ramp them up with the puzzles getting harder as you go, collect the right bits and bobs and you can cross a big cavern or use an elevator (lift?).

I think me and Dizzy are going to get along just great, and that’s no yolk (made it this far with no egg jokes so I had to crack one or two here didn’t I?)

Score 9/10

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