Ghost house for the Sega Master system throws you into a haunted house, where your job is to scout out the vampires and kick their blood sucking asses. Of course it’s not going to be as simple as that or there’d be no fun in playing the game. The gameplay is of the classic platforms and ladders flavour but created to resemble the brickwork, stairs and flooring of a multi level house and its grounds. Go explore the house looking for the coffins.

Along the way you will encounter all kinds of creepy horrors all trying to stop you from making it out of the Ghost house alive. From fluttering vampire bats to ghosts and fire-breathing monsters, all are there to diminish your energy bar before you breathe your last gasping breath. You have your fists (or one fist anyway) which resembles the one Alex Kidd has in his Master sys

tem romp in Miracle World, and you can power it up with a sword to fight with which really helps when you find a coffin.

So you’ve fought your way along past the bats, and monsters and ducked to avoid the arrows which appear from nowhere, and found your first vampire inhabited coffin. These are usually guarded by a power zapping fire breathing demon which you need to dispense with, then walk over the coffin and it will open. Out will come a giant bat which homes in on you and occasionally becomes a bipedal man type vampire in the vain of Dracula. And now it’s time to take him down, and then a few more to complete the game. If you get bumped off the screen to another room or down the stairs a level you will have to start again when you get back up there, but you can replenish your energy with some of the power ups dotted around before you go back.

Ghost House has good graphics output from the Master System and simple two button gameplay, the sound is also above average. The gameplay is tough with everything coming at you from all sides all at the same time, making it seem almost impossible, and the vampires when released from their coffins don’t go down without a tough fight.

Overall a fun game with a horror theme without the horror, I give Ghost House a 7/10

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