When his estranged father commits suicide Gideon Chase has to return to the house to deal with the funeral, and much more besides. The Stonehenge Legacy is a story which started thousands of years ago, but brings mystery, kidnap, murder, suspense and Stonehenge together in the present.

Another WHSmith purchase which caught my eye, mainly due to the Stonehenge link, a site of sacred standing stones which still begs the question as to why they were put where they are. With a little history and a bit of artistic license wrought from the legends and myths of Stonehenge, the writer Sam Christer has crafted a nice little story to get your teeth into. The plot revolves around an ancient cult, and their need to appease the universal Gods of the stones.

Building the characters into 3 dimensional people you can believe in is pre-requisite for a good tale, and Christer has managed that with all of the main characters. The fact that there are no super hero types bulging with muscles, or talented in 100 forms of self defence also helps keep the story believable, and all the characters have human weaknesses and strengths you can relate to.

The mysteries are slowly solved but not so slowly you lose interest, and the plot is always being moved along with little twists, some expected, and some unexpected. At no point did the Stonehenge Legacy  become dull, but on the other hand it wasn’t an absolute page turner, although I always did want to see where it was going next, I could put it down.

WHSmith attached a sticker stating “Perfect For Fans Of Dan Brown” and I guess as a short review in 6 words it fits to a large degree. The historical setting, thriller and mystery along with some well researched background info on Stonehenge puts it in the same category as Dan Browns Davinci Code  or Angels and Demons .

For me this was a good read, and kept me interested enough to read the whole thing in under a week, and would have been quicker if distractions like work and family didn’t get in the way ;-). I’d give The Stonehenge Legacy a solid 4 out of 5 and will look for other books from Sam Christer in the future, as I believe this is his first published novel.

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