A new challenge was set at the RetroTech100 Facebook Group, the 2 credits this week were going to be used in the fighting genre i.e. Vampire Saviour 2 The Lord of Vampire. Now this is one of the plethora of games which came from Capcom during the 90s, and is similar in play to the Capcom Vs Marvel / Xmen / Streetfighter etcetera games. I like these games, and this particular game is my favourite of this genre. That doesn’t mean I am good at it though, all fighters for me are button mashing spam fests and a sprinkling of hope.

You may ask “what is it you like about this game, Doug?”
Let me start by saying I love the variety of characters, robots, vampires, witches, even Red Riding Hood gets in on the act, and all have their unique special moves and skills. The cartoon style graphics, and the superbly detailed backgrounds add an atmosphere to the game too, alongside the superb sound effects this all adds up to a fantastic gaming experience. It doesn’t end there though, the difficulty level is set very nicely considering this is an arcade game, you aren’t just killed off by an almost impossible second opponent after your first win, but the game gently ramps up so your credits last a little longer than in some games in the arcades.

I really did enjoy the 20p challenge this week, will I win the Kudos in the Retrotech100 group? Very doubtful but the fun is in playing the game, and this game is fun to play, all day long. On emulation, of course, there are no coins being lost but even if there were I would be very tempted to keep throwing them into the coin slot, to see what else there is on offer as backgrounds, and opponents keep on changing and all are highly polished and worth seeing.

So now onto the video, unfortunately a glitch in the machine stopped the game sound being recorded, as “your first recorded run is your only entry into the 20p challenge!” it is the one which has to stand so all you get is my droning voice to listen to. Sorry. Please like the video, comment and subscribe. Oh and share the videos on my channel with your friends, I would be very grateful.

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