Terminator 2:Judgement day, what a fantastic film, it took special effects to another level and got everything right for an action movie of its era. Then came the spin off game in the arcade, that is what we are playing today.

Terminator 2 in the Arcade really gives the feel of that dystopian future which was related by the Terminator in the movie, a small band of resistance fighters against a huge army of robots and all set to a dark desolate background with a red fiery sky eerily lighting the scene. Our job is to tackle those badass robots, and save humanity (Spoiler alert, if it is left up to me then humanity is doomed, doomed I tells ya) using whatever weapons come along.

Aiming is done using the crosshairs and fire buttons can deliver bullets or, if you have any, bombs to take down the mechanical menaces. It sounds quite easy, but there are a lot of robots, and some rather dumb resistance fighters who stand in front of you and get shot by friendly fire (or not so friendly if they keep getting in the way, twats). Getting hit by gunfire or killing the stupid resistance rabble will lose you energy points, ammo is not infinite but you can shoot open boxes for more bullets and bombs, yay. Also in the boxes you can find the nuclear option and clear all those rotten robots from the screen in one go, as well as shields and other useful stuff.

This game looks great, but is set to very difficult and you soon find you need more credits, for our two credit (20p) challenge this was a very short play of the game. That said, it is still a great game to play, kill a few robots, listen to Arnie and pretend you are going to save humanity, or not. See how quickly our 2 credits went in the video below, and please comment here or on the video comments section.

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