Super Hang On 1988 by Sega / Electric Dreams on Amiga

Super Hang on is the motorcycle equivalent of Outrun. Speed, thrills and racing against the clock are the order of the day as you lean into the corners to keep the motorbike on the track and pass your rivals.

The music in the game is dealt with in the usual high quality Amiga way, giving a good depth to the choice of arcade style in game music on offer. The graphics are pretty good for the time too, with the scenery changing as you progress. And as you make progress the turns get tighter and gameplay gets more difficult as you pass through the stages which is exactly how a game should be. The impression of speed works well as the scenery passes you down the screen, and also gives an exciting feel to the game as your opponents come into view and you have to dodge around them as well as staying on the road.

Super Hang On offers a decent challenge to the bike loving gamer, and anyone who likes the Outrun style of driving in a virtual world. Stay on the bike, keep the bike on the road and keep the throttle open as much as possible to beat the clock to the next checkpoint at which more time is added to what you have left. Run out of time before the next checkpoint and the all too familiar “Game Over” sign appears.

The Amiga port of the arcade game works pretty well, and makes for a worthwhile addition to your gaming collection.

Score 7/10

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