Santatlantean is a new homebrew game from Aetherbyte based on Atlantean also by Aetherbyte. A very nice little side scrolling shootemup with a Christmassy theme is the quick and dirty way to describe it. But to go a little further what we have is a beautifully drawn background using the themes from Christmas that we know and love, you can see the toy workshop, and the snowmen dotted about the landscape along with the gingerbread men and a suitably night time background for Christmas eve. All very lovely and festive.

The challenge comes with the other classic Christmas ornaments coming along to kill you, everything from bells to holly leaves will kill poor old Santa, Even the candy canes will crowd around to give you a taste of death, but Santa Claus isn’t unarmed either. This Father Christmas is a bit of a Mother when it comes to blasting the evil bah humbug ornaments, and takes them out with his laser beams. From my short play time it is a lot of fun to pick up and play, with enough challenge to keep you playing to beat your high score.

So how about those all important graphics and sound, I hear you wondering. I’ve got to say the graphics on the PC Engine / Turbografx 16 never cease to amaze me, and this is no different, some very nicely drawn sprites, which all move very fluidly in play. The sounds are also of a good quality with a nice background music which won’t get annoying at all when played for a while (about 10 minutes should do it) and some decent shooting and explosion sounds adding to the christmassy feel.

Santatlantean as a free download is a worthwhile few bytes to wait for, obviously you will need a way to play it (emulator or TurboGrafx with an Everdrive) but it is a little bit of festive fun to play during the holidays.

Score 8/10

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