Winter games on the Atari 7800 would appear at first to be another Track N Field but set in the snow and Ice of somewhere cold, Another in a long line of games based around hitting buttons to play at sports. It would seem that way, but the very first event is the ski / shooting Biathlon which takes a little more skill than just bashing the buttons quickly.

For starters you also need to take into account your heart rate ready for the shooting bit, too fast and the sights are more difficult to get a shot on the targets. Pushing the buttons wildly also doesn’t make you quicker, it’s about timing and rhythm, then you can take your shots when you get there.

It’s the same when you get to the speed skating, rhythm and control are the order of the day, instead of all out speed in button pushing. A nice steady pace of left and right builds up the speed to get you to the winning line first. The simplest game of all is ski jump, slide down the slope and hit jump at the end, then balance the skiier for the landing. Then the Bobsleigh has you trying to keep the bobsleigh on the fast winding course. Next erm well that’s it, just the four events to test your skills.

The graphics for the game are good for the system, and sound is above average. too. What lets it down for me is the lack of games to take part in. Just four events and you’re done. Obviously you can play to beat your own or friends scores but it seems a bit scant when most of this type of game has 6 or 7 events to master.

Score is an average 5 out of 10, good games well implemented but not enough of them.

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