Pinball Dreams

A long time ago when I was younger and had more hair and less belly my brother bought an Amiga. I had a MegaDrive, and we both played games. Sometimes we would let each other have a go at our latest games for our respective systems, and then go back to our own rooms and our own gaming choices. One series of games on the Commodore Amiga in that next room that captured my attention was the Pinball games my brother showed me. I loved Pinball, and the Amiga was playing Pinball games on a TV, Madness!

One table in particular just seemed to have it all, great atmospheric music, spooky sound effects, and excellent visuals, and that table was Nightmare on the Pinball Dreams discs from 21st Century Entertainment and Digital Illusions. The table and gameplay was simply perfect. I nicked time on the Amiga whenever my brother let me, just to play this. Obviously the Amiga had other excellent games too, but I really lived Pinball Dreams.

Now nearly 30 years later we can relive all those old games through emulation, or even on the original hardware (I now own my own Commodore computers too) quicly and easily on WinUAE or Amiga Forever and I find myself reverting back to the flippers, bells and atmosphere of probably the best Pinball games ever on a TV screen, even compared to Psycho Pinball which is great, or Dragons Fury etcetera which came out on the Megadrive, Nightmare. Today I noticed a high score challenge on this very table so I fired it up and relived those classic memories once more.

I found that Pinball on the emulated A500 was still as fun as ever, the table was as good as I remembered, and the sounds just as eerie on my PC speakers as on my brothers stereo all those years ago. The music still enchants, and my flipper fingers, although older and stiffer, still knew what to do when the ball came along. I was the Pinball Wizard, or something like that again. So I took the liberty of making a video, and hope you will enjoy the below offering and comment with your own memories of the video pinball experience on the Amiga or any other video games machine or computer.

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