I have owned my original Gameboy since sometime in the early 90s when I bought it 2nd hand along with Tetris. Recently I was able to buy a second Gameboy with some games very cheap as it was missing the front screen cover. Whilst checking the games out and trying out my original Gameboy at the same time, the screen came off of it too.

A quick search on Ebay found two screens winging their way to me in a couple of days. So I tackled the latest of my GB acquisitions first,  cleaning off the glue residue ready for the new screen

The screens come with sticky pads on ready to drop in place, so I dropped the new screen in, and it looks just peachy now.

My original Gameboy just needed it’s original screen refitting

So a quick wipe and some Super Glue and the original screen was back in place, leaving me with a spare screen if I need it in the future.

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