Carvup is a side on platformer where you play as a car, your mission takes place on a building site where you have to dodge the bulldozers and rivet in the girders.  With simple controls, left , right and jump it’s quick and easy to start playing this cartoon styled offering. The challenge comes in avoiding the obstacles to complete your task and get those girders secured.

Although the avoidance of bulldozers and other construction equipment on the building site is obligatory, some of the obstacles in Carvup don’t need to be avoided, for better or for worse you can run over the construction workers, and picking up fruit gives you extra score. There are also letters falling from the sky to collect and spell "BONUS" for an extra points tally. Every now and then the game will scream "OH NO- TURBO" and a demon will appear and hunt you down to take away a life. The game does have a bit of a challenge then.

On the graphics side of things, Carvup runs smoothly and has some nice cute cartoon style characters, with your car looking a bit like something from a Warner Bros cartoon. All very colourful and at times bordering on garish. Sounds are acceptable for the Amiga if not pushing the edges of what it could do, but it is a one disc game to cram a lot into.

Gameplay is fun if a little repetitive after a while, it holds the attention for a short time and does offer a decent challenge for the casual gamer like me. I’m sure hardcore gamers won’t be having long sessions to complete it even if they wanted to. A quick start, dive in bit of fun for your Amiga worth 5/10

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