Burger time is one of those classic games from the arcade which made it onto many of the early consoles and computers, with varying results. Your job is the 8 bit equivalent of flipping burgers for a big burger chain, including being chased by fried eggs and tomatoes, or is that just in the game? You have to run around over the burger ingredients in the maze of ladders to drop them on top of each other to complete the burgers, and avoid the fried egg and his buddies which home in on you all the time.

The Colecovision port of Burgertime, as with many of the arcade at home experiences on this console, is a particularly good one. The graphics obviously don’t have the same quality as the arcade original, but they are above average for an 8 bit home console of the time even if it has a little flicker here and there.

The sound consists of a nice little background ditty playing as you trample the burgers into a feast, and the satisfying sounds of a burger falling, especially if it hits an enemy on its way down scoring you extra bonus points along the way. Sonically the game is very much of its era of course, with all the sounds being a little bleepy, which is just the way us retro guys like it right.

The gameplay is a little slower but remains just as challenging with hard to avoid enemy tomatoes and eggs, and keeps you moving quickly to stay ahead. It’s also nice when one piece falls on top of another causing them to cascade down until the bottom one falls. Each time you complete a level by making all the burgers, the maze of platforms and ladders changes to give you a new challenge to overcome, each a little harder to juggle avoidance and burger making.

So Burgertime on the Colecovision is fun, challenging and very playable. Well worth a visit to relive those arcade memories in your home on your own TV. Now where’s my fries?

Scores 8/10

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