Looping on ColecoVision

The first thing to strike me about Looping is the games simplicity. Simple graphics, simple gameplay and a simple goal. That doesn’t mean that Looping isn’t challenging, considering you only have to remember 3 controls , pushing up points the nose of your plane down, pushing down points the nose up and fire button simply fires. Hold down or up and the plane loops around clockwise or anticlockwise. Avoid the buildings, balloons and other obstacles and shoot down balloons to get a higher score.

Along each level there will be a rocket which you need to shoot, and once shot you will be informed that a gate is opened. The gate is off to the right, and once you get through it you are faced with a maze to negotiate to reach the end zone. As you progress through the maze section, you will see enemies to shoot and at the end some bouncy balls which guard the level end inside a small area with 3 small entrances. You will recognise the end you have to reach because it is simply a bit of text which says "END".

The rocket will be moved in the next levels and you may need to shoot your way into the compound to destroy it. With no way to slow down or reverse you will need to try to get a bit of distance ahead of it to shoot out the walls to open the entrance and exit to shoot the rocket and open the gate to the maze.

So Looping then is a pretty simple game, with great gameplay. The graphics aren’t as good as some on the Colecovision but graphics don’t make or break the game. Although the sound is average to good for the console, some of the music is surprisingly good, with some unexpected depth to it for an old 8bit console. Overall Looping is fun and challenging enough to be engaging and gets 7/10 from me.

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