T2 The Arcade game is one of the few games out there which works with the Sega Menacer light gun, and at the start screen, you are given the option to play with the joypad or the Menacer. Firstly, playing any kind of shooter which uses crosshairs (or in this case a box) to aim is a no no with a joypad, it’s like repeatedly bashing your haid against a solid object i.e. some others around you may be amused by it, but you won’t. So I plugged in my Menacer to test this game out. The Menacer was Segas light gun for the Megadrive (Genesis) and uses a small box on top of the TV to trace the Menacers aim and works OK considering it predated the Wii by a long time.

I digress, the game here is T2, and it’s set in the future with you cast as the good terminator trying to save Sarah Connors son from the robot army yada yada, you know the story of Terminator and all that so that’s all the introduction you should need. In the future the skies are tainted red and humans and robots are battling for control of the Earth, you come along to help the human resistance. At first you are firing on the legions of silver terminators to assist two human soldiers resist the onslaught, dug in behind the wall aim, fire, kill, repeat. Every now and then a rocket or an extra close terminator comes at you and you need to react quickly to shoot them down too.

As the game progresses you will have big bad bosses to defeat, firing salvos of rockets and grenades at you, you will be required to protect John Connor as he attempts to get away in a pickup truck, which is a scrolling shooting section where you have some fast running bots to dispense as well as the incoming rockets from the skynet sky patrols. Various sections adding new chalenges keep on coming along to test your speed, aim and accuracy. The game is made more difficult by the fact you have limited ammo which has to be kept topped up by shooting cases at the bottom of the screen, then shooting the contents to get them added to your armoury. It’s a tricky balance to keep the ammo up, but not lose your life doing so as the onslaught never seems to slow down to let you have chance to restock.

Graphically, the dark backgrounds work well, and the terminators look scary in the flesh (and out of it as you shoot it away from the more advanced models) with some brilliant looking antagonists. The explosions are great too as bits of terminator fly away from the fiery death you just dealt out, although the bosses can be a little poor in a single colour with little to really flesh them out. The Soundtrack is suitably fast to keep the adrenaline flowing too, explosions are very satisfying with a great sound effect accompanying the flash as another Terminator is wiped out. The addition of Arnie telling you you got terminated is nice even if the digitised speech is a little lacklustre.

As a Menacer title, T2 The Arcade Game is a good addition to your collection if you have the hardware, if you don’t have a Menacer it may be a little annoying (it may be just me though who can’t aim with a joypad), but graphics and sound are all above the average so it isn’t just relying on the Menacer to make it work. All in all, a fun shooting game with a nice movie tie in, and in this case I will be back to play again.

Score 7/10

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