Checking my emails updating facebook
maybe it’s time I gave twitter a look
140 characters to tell of my life
and then I get a text from my wife

Before I have a chance to reply
the telephone rings in a room nearby
the caller checks she has the right man
I might need insurance they have a plan

I tell her I’m busy and get off the line
my mobile beeps to tell me it’s time
to put it on charge or it will go flat
and no one could ring, we can’t have that

I think back it wasn’t always this way
we didn’t need more than 24 hours a day
just to keep up to date with people unknown
the distractions in life seem to have grown

I’m not a luddite don’t ever think that
but it might be nice to just sit and relax
without all the gadgets, mobiles and such
and talk to each other, would that be too much?

By Doug Titchmarsh

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