Following on from our recent chocolate mould shennanigans we ordered all the moulds and today had another session of being choclatiers (well pouring chocolate in moulds), here is my step to step guide of chocolate moulding with a ten year old daughter.

Step 1 order moulds from Amazon. Change card details when Amazon uses an expired card for anything from an Amazon shop even though they manage to charge everything they sell to the right card.

Step 2 After a few days have passed explain to 10 year old daughter why all your moulds are here already but their Doctor Who one hasn’t arrived yet.

Step 3 When the wife asks if there’s anything you need at the shop, tell her to pick up lots of chocolate bars.

Step 4 get a microwave safe bowl and break up a chocolate bar into the bowl. Remove ten year old daughters fingers from bowl while some choclate remains.

Step 5 place bowl in microwave and nuke at full power for 30 seconds and check to see if the chocolate is melted and runny, repeat until chocolate is melted and runny..

Step 6 open Microwave and check bowl to ensure fingers don’t get burnt (or use an oven glove). Use feet to keep ten year old away from you and to ensure fingers are kept out of bowl of melted chocolate.

Step 7 give spoon to ten year old and tell her to use it to put the melted chocolate in the mould. Remove spoon from ten year olds mouth and explain again that the chocolate has to go in the moulds, not the mouth.

Step 8 give ten year old the job of breaking up more chocolate while you try to get melted chocolate off the worktop, moulds, cutting boards, drawer handles, fridge, microwave. Then spoon what is left of the almost set chocolate into the moulds.

Step 9 check on ten year olds progress with breaking up chocolate as the laughter has the air of a warning to it.

Step 10 get a dustpan and brush and pick up 3/4 of a bar of bits of chocolate from the floor before the ten year old picks them up and uses them anyway, and before the dog eats enough of it to get really ill.

Step 11 break up more chocolate into the bowl and write mental note to get extra chocolate next time.

Step 12 melt chocolate in the microwave and finish filling the moulds (or as many as possible with the leftover chocoalte which hasn’t been eaten, dropped or smothered over every surface in the house).

Step 12 walk chocolate filled (semi filled) moulds to the fridge, with help from a ten year old to carry one across.

Step 13 pick up mould from the floor and wipe up gooey chocolate from the floor tiles.

Step 14 wait 2 minutes until Ten year old asks if the chocolate shapes are ready yet, tell them no and they must waiti about half an hour at least.

Step 15 repeat step 14 every 1-2 minutes for as long as you can stand to do it. I lasted nearly the full 30 minutes but finally cracked.

Step 16 remove moulds from fridge and try to remove chocolate shapes while fighting off multi armed chocolate dependant ten year old.

17 just let the ten year old at it, and tell them to wash their hands, face, and change clothes when they’re finished.

It was a lot of fun though and we made these

For links to the moulds to make these just go to this blog post

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