So I finally decided to give Linux another chance before Windows XP gets dropped by MS next year. So far it’s been very trying, if anyone tells you Linux is ready for the normal user, they are telling lies. Configuring the Wireless network was a headache as it did wierd things and would find every wireless network in the area but mine. It took some command line stuff which I found online to sort out, but still don’t understand, but it works now.

I installed the first time on the wrong drive (I wasn’t given the option of another drive by Mints installer) and after using it it ran out of disc space in 24 hours, so I installed again on my main drive and then the boot loader Grub wouldn’t recognise the new installation, which meant… more command line stuff to get it working. Finally I have a working and slightly customised Linux distro on my PC and it’s getting better, but I had to ditch Firefox and find out how to install Google Chrome (Firefox and I have a bad relationship, it has never worked for more than a week at a time so with Linux being so deeply dependant on command line, I don’t need Firefox’s shit messing it up). To install Chrome I needed to use yep you guessed it, command line text inputs.
I’m getting to grips with a lot of it, and now trying this blog posting software which actually installed from a gui software manager (gasps in amazement) so if you can see this then it has worked, and I posted from Linux Mint.

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