As today is Amiga day 2015 I have been playing some well known Amiga games, then I decided to play something I hadn’t tried before. As I have recently become a convert to the TV show The Walking Dead I looked for a zombie themed game and found Zombie Apocalypse, now it was time to send the zombies to their graves.

The title screen looked promising, so I pressed fire on the joystick as instructed. Nothing happened so I tried the mouse button, then the screen changed and a crosshair appeared which moved with the mouse. Immediately the titular apocalypse started in earnest as several undead cadavers appeared on the other side of the wall in front of me. I fired a few times and was out of ammo, until a box fell from above, aim at it and fire, ammo replenished.

That is it in a nutshell, aim with the mouse, fire and keep the Walkers at bay for as long as you can, if they hang around they take a little of your life bar until you die. Then you notice a pile of grenades too, when it looks like you are going to be over run use spacebar on the keyboard to kill them all with a grenade. They are in limited supply so use them sparingly.

Each time you complete a level you get a bonus and a hit ratio screen which is nice. Then the next level will load ramping up the difficulty  a little, more zombies, more hits taken, and more zombies with more weapons (hint, you’re not the only one chucking grenades so you need to start prioritising targets) did I mention even more zombies? The game is over when your life bar hits zero which didn’t take long for me.

The graphics are pretty good for this game and as you shoot up a zombie they get more damaged exposing their innards, although background furniture is pretty sparse but in the heat of zombie killing you soon forget that. Sound is only ok considering the Amiga’s capabilities, a few decent groans and a gunshot effect is about all you are given. Gameplay does get a little repetitive but it is a fun game for a quick zombie killing fix.

In short, a fun game to while away a few minutes but not going to keep you going for days. I would rate it a score of 5/10

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