Super Space Invaders by Domark on Amiga

Space invaders was the game which launched the shoot em up genre for most people and spawned many imitators. It also spawned a few sequels, like Super Space Invaders, which took the original game and built upon its strong foundations. With the advancement of processing power, more could be added to the original gameplay, like better graphics and backgrounds to catch the eye, but also the gameplay gets enhanced.

It starts with the standard left – right – drop, right – left – drop attack wave of the original Space invaders, but the sprites are much more detailed in this Super version. And as the levels progress the attack sequences change and so do the invaders. Dropping faster, splitting in two when shot and some other nice little upgrades make these alien critters a lot harder to pick off, and also require changes in strategies to make it through the levels.  Luckily though your earth scientists haven’t forsaken you, and you can pick up extra power ups to help you turn back the invading visitors.

The sound still has that ominous marching beat to keep the menace level high too. The explosions and other sounds had also been updated for this outing but without losing any of the originals feel. After completing a few levels, to clear a stage, you enter a bonus round. The first of these bonus rounds is one of those staples of the UFO aliens cattle mutilation, and your job is to protect the mooing cows from the aliens intent on mutilating them.

So Super Space Invaders then, it’s Space Invaders with added extras and better graphics. All things considered it’s kept most of what made the original great, and added more to make use of the later machines. It’s still as playable as the original, although some of the attack formations make it a lot harder.

Score 7/10

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