There’s something different about Mermaid the Arcade game by Rockola. It doesn’t feature any mermaids, in fact the title refers to the name of your yacht.

As soon as you load up the game in MAME (or your choice of emulator), you’re presented with a simple title screen. You put in your credits (we were taking part in the Retrotech100 Arcade 20p challenge so only used 2 credits) then it’s time to start playing and you are at the start of a Yacht race. The game is set up with different levels and obstacles to overcome by steering your boat using the rudder and the sail position. It’s not easy though – you have to use your skills and agility to use the rudder and sail correctly to make it through to the later levels where the challenge increases. The levels have wind gusts, waves, rocks and even ship wrecks to navigate to make it to the end.

The challenge comes in trying to beat your high score. You can try to beat your previous score, or set a new one. The game is also designed so that you can continue playing after you lose a life – and there are plenty of ways of dieing. Hit the rocks or shipwrecks and you lose a life, you can get eaten by sharks, and other sea life will get in your way too. Maneouvre your sail boat through the marked gates and you get a bonus score indicated by the number between the posts. You also get a bonus by beating the other competitors in the race, so use the ocean currents to increase your speed but then you will need to be quicker on the steering too.

Mermaid Arcade game by Rockola is a fun way to kill time – and also a great way to challenge yourself. If you want to try and beat your high score, or just have some fun playing the game, then the Mermaid Arcade game by Rockola is a good choice.

Ready to take the ultimate arcade challenge? Put your skills to the test with Mermaid by Rockola! Enjoy classic 20p gaming and compete for the highest score. Watch me take on this classic 80s arcade game in the video below and see if you can beat my score!

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