Who IS Douglas Titchmarsh?

Well as the website is all about me I guess that’s a pretty pertinent question. The simple answer is Douglas Titchmarsh isn’t someone you actually need to know. Your life probably won’t suffer terribly if you ignore him and wait for him to go away. What I am though is an everyday guy, with a family, wife, 4 daughters and a very strange dog who actually fits in with the family perfectly. I am a forklift truck engineer by day and everything else outside of work.

I ride a motorcycle, a vintage Kawasaki Z750 twin which has its own blog. It has given me hours of fun and frustration. I have played video and computer games almost since they were first invented, Pong, Space Invaders and Asteroids took a lot of my pocket money and yes I am that old. I read a lot, so I’ll do an occasional book review on this site. I make stuff and experiment with electronic items and usually make them smoke until they no longer work (the theory is that they are full of smoke and when they run out of smoke they no longer function).

To find out more follow the tweets on the site and read the posts 🙂


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