New diagnostic rom for the Retroleum fixes Spectrum

After the Retroleum test rom diagnosed the newly fitted ic15 as still the fault on the Spectrum practice board, I took it back to the Spectrum4Ever Facebook group and Mark Fixes stuff. Brendan Alford offered up his test rom available at to try in the Retroleum which looked like this when testing.

Retroleum test with Brendan Alford test rom:

So IC22 looks like the culprit now. Soldering iron warmed, ic removed, socket fitted and new IC fitted, powered on and got weird patterns, not good. A quick check found some solder splash bridging pins on the board, cleaned off andcthe test rom now did this

It even played a game now 😀

Watch “Retroleum Spectrum interface in diagnostic mode” on YouTube

Retroleum Spectrum interface in diagnostic mode:

Commodore 64 Stuff

I recently got a good deal on a Commodore 64 setup to replace my one which has “issues” with loading. The new one works just fine, so I decided to treat it to some SD2IEC goodness from and bought an SD2IEC  and a Epyx Fastload Reloaded cartridge. Plugged in they look like this


The fastload makes things load quicker than normal, so games load in a few seconds instead of minutes. The whole lot was affordable and improves the C64 experience for me, once the SD card was set up (I used the quick install download offered on the site rather than do it myself). Now I am off to play some retro goodness.